Framingham Drug Bust

Three Framingham State College students were arrested last week on drug-trafficking charges, after a 90-day undercover investigation by the Framingham Police Department, said Police Lieutenant Brent B. Larrabee.

The three students were identified as Charles J. Allen, Gregory Valentini, and Jeffrey H. Johnson. Allen and Johnson were charged with distribution of cocaine, and Valentini was charged with distributing marijuana, Larrabee said.

The Framingham Police investigation shows that the three "were selling drugs on and around campus," according to Larrabee. Campus police assisted with the arrests, he said.

It is unclear at this point what discipline the students will face from the college, and no criminal hearing date for the three students has been set. In the meantime, however, the school has given Valentini an interim suspension.

Allen and Johnson could not be reached for comment.


Cindy Santomassimo, president of Framingham's student government, said she is gathering as much information about the raids as possible. "I want to make sure their rights were not violated," she said.

About the drug flow at Framingham State College, Larrabee said among "any population of people this large, there will be some drug use. They are no different than lads at Harvard, M.I.T."