A Craigie Chronology

*1967--Harvard acquires 60 units of housing in the Craigie Arms apartment building on Mt. Auburn St.

*1978--Due to the condition of the 81-year old building, Harvard stops re-renting apartments on turnover so that the structure may be rehabilitated once it is vacant.

*1979--The City of Cambridge adopts a removal permit ordinance requiring owners of rent controlled apartments to seek municipal permission before decontrolling units.

*1981--Harvard relocates five elderly tenants and gives them a life tenancy at fixed rents. Other Craigie tenants file action with the Rent Control Board citing apartment vacancies and deteriorating conditions.

*1982--Thirty-three tenants remaining in the building sign a tenant settlement/relocation agreement which paid each resident $5000, in addition to legal fees, and assistance in finding new housing.


*September 1984--The Rent Control Board, Cambridge Rent Control Coalition, Harvard and Housing Associates, the selected developer, agree to participate in mediation process.

*January 1985--The Rent Control Board and the University agree in principle to a settlement which will remove the units from rent control in 15 years and will establish $550,000 in loans to local landlords.

*September 1985--Harvard turns control of the Craigie Arms over to Housing Associates, ending controversy.