To the Editors of The Crimson:

The Harvard-Radcliffe Gay and Lesbian Students Association is appalled at the Conservative Club's recent forum entitled, "Should AIDS Victims Be Quarantined?"

The Conservative Club apparently feels obliged to pander to the most bigoted and ignorant elements of th Harvard-Radcliffe community. Their speaker, Paul Cameron, was thrown out of both the American Psychological Association and eschewed from the group of professional sociologists for falsifying evidence in his research. Even a cursory reading of Wednesday's Crimson [Sept. 25] review of the event reveals Cameron to be a crackpot in a major way; he is a maverick without support from any legitimate public health professional.

The GLSA refused a last-minute invitation to participate in the Conservative Club's forum; to have done so would have acknowledged the legitimacy of Cameron's position. We do feel, however, that students who experience anxiety about AIDS should be aware of the resources available to them. The University Health Services has both booklets and people willing to discuss the issue. Peer counselling groups such as CONTACT (495-8111) and Room 13 have received training on the subject.

Although much needs to be learned about AIDS, there are facts which should dispel the presumptions behind a scheme like Paul Cameron's. First, AIDS is hard to get. Medical authorities refrain from offering absolutes, but there has yet to be a case of AIDS transmitted through casual contact. Secondly, homosexuality is not a cause of AIDS. AIDS is caused by a virus, not by sexual preference. There are some sexual practices which seem to facilitate the transmission of AIDS, and concerned individuals should educate themselves of these risks.


We believe that AIDS is a public health issue and should be treated as such. We do not believe that it should be used to fuel antigay prejudice. Jim Sanks '86??   Lori Stewart '86   Co-Chairs, H-R GLSA