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Class Cuts

While most colleges concern themselves with discipline for student protesters, Northwestern University this week will consider action against one of its professors for conduct unbecoming a faculty member.

Barbara Foley, an assistant professor at the Evanston, Ill., school will be disciplined by an administrative committee for leading a protest against a Nicaraguan contra leader at the university last April.

Foley allegedly led students in chants such as "Nicaragua Si! Contras No!" and "Death to the Fascists" when Adolfo Calero, leader of the Nicaraguan Democratic Forces, attempted to address a group of students at Harris Hall, a university auditorium.

Speaking to the group before Calero's arrival, Foley said, "He has no right to speak tonight, and we're not going to let him speak. He should be lucky to get out of here alive."

The rebel leader, invited to Northwestern by the Conservative Council and International Policy Forum, was prevented from speaking, as protesters drenched him with animal blood before a crowd of over 350.

Foley, who is presently teaching regular classes, faces a two quarter suspension if found guilty by the committee.

Active in left wing political organizations such as the communist affiliated International Committee Against Racism, Foley overstepped what the university considers proper, and is charged with "professional misconduct" for allegedly helping to prevent Calero from speaking.