Brown TV

Class Cuts

Princeton has Brooke Shields and Yale has Jennifer Beals. But next semester, Brown University may claim its share of Hollywood glamour when it establishes its own television network.

A student-run cable television station at Brown, B-TV, will in February likely start broadcasting University lectures, sporting events and news, said sophomore Douglas Liman, a founder of the channel.

B-TV, which was organized by The Brown Applied Video Organization, plans to broadcast programs on Brown's coaxial cable network which currently links about 130 buildings and half of the dorm rooms at the Providence, R.I., campus.

Brown's intra-university cable network is capable of transmiting computer data signals, video signals and FM radio, said Steve Andrade, training coordinator at Brown's Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship.

Until this year, the cable was used primarily for computing services, said Andrade.


Liman said the Brown Corporation must approve the cable TV proposal at its next meeting in December but he anticpates the University's full support. B-TV has already received $2000 from the University Council of Students, Brown's student government, and has applied for other outside grants, Liman said.