Cabot House Auction Nets $1900

Short Takes

SoHo in London may be already known for auctions-but Soho on Walker St. is making a name for itself, too.

South House, now called Cabor House, on Saturday night hosted an auction that raised some $1900 for a memorial fund Honoring a former House member who died in a freak accident last May.

In the auction House members sold some 53 goods and services, ranging from 24 hours of slavery to a Bermuda Rum Fizz party to throwing pies iin the faces of six people.

Acting House Master Myra A. Mayman donated a home-cooked dinner for six, which sold for $160 Tom Barkin, a tutor in the House, offered to shave off his four-year-old beard for $145. And the House grill sold all the pizza you can eat in 15 minutes (plus a free beer to wash it all down).

Amy R. Deckser '87, who masterminded the auction, said the items were purchased almost entirely by students or by Mayman and other House officials.


All proceeds will go for a memorial honoring Eric H. Straceman '85, who slipped in the shower at his New Canasa, Conn., home last May 24, knocking himself unconscious and drowning in a few inches of water.

Stephen L. Buffo '86, one of the auctioneers, said the House Committee hopes to plant a tree outside the House with a bench under it. Any surplus will go toward Cabot House's April ball, he added.

Buffo said the idea for the auction came from Currier House, which has run similar fundraisers for more than five years.

"It was certainly a success and it exceeded our expectations," Buffo said. "A lot of people got into the excitement of it.