Name That Column

Silly Putty

First off: I know, I know, it's a really dumb column name. But don't blame me, my roommate thought of it.

If you have any better suggestions, send them to me at The Crimson. Maybe we'll have a contest, and the person with the best suggestion will win a season's pass to the Harvard women's basketball games.

Maybe not.

Anyway, on to the women's basketball team. After watching the cagers (currently 8-13 overall) all season, I can't help thinking that they'll contend for the Ivy League title for the next three years.

Only Co-Captain Wendy Joseph is graduating--the rest of the team will be back next year. And only two players are currently juniors.


Even a few minutes' observation hints at the potential of this team.

Watch freshman point guard Barb Keffer dribble down court, pass off to an open shooter, or drive smoothly through the opposition, and you have to think "and she's only a fresh man."

Watch freshman power forward Beth Chandler operate inside, out-muscle an opponent for an offensive rebound, stick an eight-footer, drive to the hoop from the foul line.

Watch freshman shooting forward Sharon Hayes popping from 18 feet. When she's hot, the ball swishes through time after time. She'll can the bomb three or four straight times. By the last trip down, two defender, are in her face. But she still hits.

These three are not alone. Co-Captain Anna Collins has been the most consistent cager, is second on the team in scoring, and leads in rebounding. She is the calming influence on the team, and she will be back.

The list is almost endless: Trisha Brown shoots well over 50 percent from the outside. Nancy Cibotti looked great inside against Northeastern last Monday. Hanya Bluestone out hustles everyone in the gym. And on, and on.

Of course, a new freshman class will enter in September. If it's anything like this year's, the league championship is within reach. One prep star considering Harvard is Sara Duncan, sister of men's hoop star Arne.

So with all this excitement (several veteran basketball watchers were heard to utter during the second half of the Cornell game "this is more exciting than the men's game!"), why aren't the stands packed for these contest of athletic skill and high drama?

Perhaps you didn't know when the games were. Well, the two remaining home games are February 26 against Brown and March 9 against Yale-both at 7:30 p.m.

You didn't know where? That's a pretty lame excuse, but they're at Briggs Athletic Center--the same place the men play.