New Hotline Will Respond To Questions on Sexuality

A new Harvard hotline designed to field questions about sexuality--with special attention to gay and lesbian concerns--will begin operation in early April.

Organized under the auspices of UHS, the counseling service, dubbed "Contact," will address general problems relating to sexual identity and adjustment within the Harvard community.

"The hotline is especially designed for people who are struggling with their own sexuality and who need help defining themselves," said Suzanne E. Litke '87, one of the advisors. She said "Contact" is the first peer counseling hotline to be available to undergraduates who are concerned with gay and lesbian issues.

The project's co-directors, George J. Hanna '87 and Elizabeth E. Giele '85, are establishing the hotline along the lines of Room 13, a peer counseling center for undergraduates run Harvard students.

Although the hotline will operate out of GLSA's Memorial Hall headquarters, it has no official link to the group.


Litke said that aside from the hotline, which will operate between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. seven days a week, the advisors will arrange weekly drop-in hours.

Directors are now conducting interviews for approximately 11 positions on the peer counseling staff. Litke said that spots are open to students of any sexual orientation.

Student counselors will work under the supervision of UHS clinical social worker Nadja B. Gould and Rev. G. Stewart Barns of the United Ministry.

"A lot of people struggle with the idea of coming out or expressing their ideas about sexuality in the first few years of college," Litke said. "The hotline can help them to figure things out."