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Cabot House Acting Master Myre Mayman got a new pet yesterday, named Arthur--and he's an 18-foot-long, multi-colored, plywood-and-painted canvas fish.

Several House residents bagged Arthur up to the Quad yesterday from the American Repertory Theatre (ART), where he used to live. Arthur---called Art by his friends--was plopped in the dining hall, and will be ceremoniously hung above the dining hall fireplace this morning.

Mayman, who is also the Director of the Harvard Radcliffe Office for the Arts, said the ART gave her the fish for free, and said he will remain at Cabot indefinitely She called him "the quintessential fish--the essence of fishness."

According to Robert S. Brustein, director of the Loeb Drama Center, Art had a small role in the spring 1980 Loeb production of "Inspector General" by zany director Peter Senars '80. Arthur has been on ice there ever since.

For Cabot House, the big dead fish apparently has lots of significance. Cabot House gets in same from the family of Thomas D. Cabot '19, and according to Cabot Master's Assistant Susan Livingston, the House cost of arms boasts three dead fish, a variation on the Cabot family seal.

Cabot residents interviewed yesterday had mixed reactions about their new guest. "He is definitely a great conversation piece," said Carole Costa, assistant to the Senior Tutor.

"He's got so much character. We ought to paint the wall blue all around him and get special lighting," said Cabot House resident Leigh Shemitz '86.

"As long as he doesn't smell, he's a welcome addition to the house," said resident music tutor Graeme Boone.

Agreed Kenneth Grullon '86. "Why don't they just hang some sushi?."

Cabot dining hall server Theresa Doucette called Art "very colorful--a unique blend for a fish."

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