Reaction Against Dershowitz

CBS News Remarks

To the Editors of the Crimson:

On Monday, March 4, on CBS News, Professor of Law Alan Dershowitz said: Every spring at Harvard, there is an event, which has become a substitute for the traditional panty raid, where the Third World Community and the Black communities say this is "Stick it to the Jew's week. They bring a PLO speaker or they bring some other opponent of Jewish values and they conduct an event in which they have very little interest except that it really riles up the Jewish community. And we never see the reverse.

These comments serve no constructive purpose at a time when we are working towards better communication and understanding between undergraduate Black and Jewish groups.

We prefer to work towards a practical dialogue between these groups rather than to reduce the issues to pure emotional terms. While we recognize a wide divergence of opinion on these issues, Professor Dershowitz's comments will not help to provoke the kinds of dialogue that will foster a greater sensitivity to each other's view point. Timothy A. Wilkins '86   President, Black Students Association   Seth R. Horowitz '86   Chairperson, Hillel Coordinating Council