Zeta Psi

voted in, it becomes a chapter," he said

In the month since that introductory meeting, however, little has happened to suggest that the establishment of a Harvard chapter is any more imminent.

"Right now were just lying low, and keeping in touch with our contacts in Cambridge." Peterson said

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Epps also said he did not think it would be necessary to forbid students to associate he fraternity--as administrators Colby College have recently done that he hoped to pursue a policy to that used by Princeton and Yale.

Chris Vanselous assistant to the Princeton dean of students, said last month that school and sororities are allowed to exist at that school, but do not recognition the recognition or approval of the college.

"They're here apparently they meet, but we don't acknowledge them," she explained.

At Yale, administrators contacted last week not only did not officially recognize fraternities but did not know that a Zeta Psi chapter even existed on the New Haven campus.

Under Fire

When Zeta Psi representatives held an introductory meeting last month at the Sheraton Commander, they came under the College for posturing on kiosks in the Yard without the University's permission

De Vegyar that he did not think to ask permission to poster. "The national chapter told us to poster at Harvard, so we figured they had worked everything out with the administration he said.