None scheduled.


Loyola 15, Women's lacrosse 6.

Enatsu Encore

Major-league life may be about to begin at 36 for Yutaka Enatsu.

After 18 years pitching for Hanshin, Nankai, Hiroshima, Nippon and Seibu in the Japanese League, the 36-year-old Enatsu is trying to hurl his way onto the Milwaukee Brewers this spring.

On Monday, he became a winner for the time in the United States in a 4-2 exhibition victory over the Seattle Mariners when the Brewers overcame a 2-1 deficit with a two run sixth inning Enatsu gave up one hit in two innings of scoreless relief and is unscored upon in four innings.

"I think he's got a good chance," said Manager George Bamberger "He's pitched as well as anybody else What did I say his chances were -- 50-50 last week' Well it's 60-40 now."

Ted Simmons, who did the catching for the Brewers, was impressed with the 5 foot 11, 185-pound left-hander.

"The man is a big league pitcher plain and simple," Simmons said.

Boston Marathon

Officials at the Boston Athletic Association say only 5,000 entries have been received for next month's Boston Marathon, which means the race may have the smallest field since 1980.

"The deadline (for official entries) passed last Saturday night, but we are still hoping to pick up another 1,000 entries that could still be in the mails," said Guy Morse, administrator of the race.

Last year, there were 6,500 entries for the 26-mile, 385-yard Hopkinton-to-Boston race. The year before there were 6,600.