Model UN


To the Editors of The Crimson:

As an avid supporter of what the United Nations represents, my attention was caught by your article on the model U.N. conference which took place at Harvard recently. I admire the effort made by the model United Nations Group but I must point out that there are some things about the U.N. that are not worth imitating, particularly its waste of funds. I find the arrival of delegates in Cadillacs, for example somewhat distasteful in light of the ongoing international tragedy in the Third World. It seems to me that as a delegate one could get caught up in all the glamour and glitter, forgetting that states are not purely abstract entities but aggregates of people who desperately need to cooperate to solve mutual problems.

The next time extra funds are available why not use them to help out in a development project or an exchange program as a statement? The statement would be that the U.N. can be useful in actively initiating change once the will of sincere delegates is mobolized. I ask the Harvard Model Nations Group to take this suggestion into consideration and wish them all success in their most worthy endeavor. Jacqaeline M. Klopp '88