Making History


To the Editors of The Crimson:

There were several curious, though unfortunately accurate, assumptions in the Saturday, April 6th article "Ralliers Stage Vigil," made by Harvard's legal counsel, Dan Steiner.

In response to the demonstrators decision to allow clerical workers into Massachusetts Hall freely, while making it difficult but not impossible for administrators to enter, Dan Steiner was reported as commenting that "top administrators might 'put on skirts before they try to walk in.'''

This statement shows his blatantly patriarchal mind-set. He immediately assumes that all clerical workers are female, and are wearing skirts, and that all administrators are male. The fact that he can make this joke so unthinkingly and not realize its implications is deplorable. Sadly, it is the case that there are no female administrators in Mass Hall; however, it is the attitude of Steiner and other administrators that perpetuates this state of affairs. Sarah Jane Holcombe DSA   Cleudia Brett DSA   Nick Herton   Evan Grossiman DSA