after the facts

Everyone knows that junior faculty members occasionally win prestigious awards and almost invariably leave Harvard for Princeton or Berkeley. But what sacrifices have the stalwarts of Science Center classrooms and of Widener study carrels made for their careers? And what do they think that the University thinks about them?

Here are the results of a recent survey of 70 percent of Harvard's junior faculty members.

.Percentage of junior faculty members with children in 1984: 36.

.Percentage 20 years earlier:84.

.Women on the junior faculty in 1984: 21.

.Women on the junior faculty 20 years earlier: 4.

.Percentage of men in the group who said they postponed families for academe: 52.

.The percentage of women who said they postponed having families: 71.

.Percentage of time that the group's natural scientists spend teaching: 39.

.Percentage of time humanists spend teaching: 50.

.The percentage of time natural scientists spend on research: 32

.The figure for the junior faculty's humanists: 20.

.The weight the group said is given to teaching when promotions are considered: 6 percent.

.The importance they say is given to research: 65 percent. Source: Faculty of Arts and Sciences