SASC Rally Lauds Bok, Urges Total Divestment

Approximately 45 people rallied in front of Massachusetts Hall yesterday afternoon to laud Harvard President Derek C. Bok and the Corporation for divesting of $157 million of stocks and bonds in companies doing business in South Africa.

The demonstration, organized by the Southern African Solidarity Committee (SASC), also urged Harvard to totally divest its remaining $360 million in similar investments.

Speaking to the crowd in front of Massachusetts Hall, rally organizer Kim Laydin '87-'88 said that she wanted to "extend congratulations to Derek Bok and the Harvard Corporation for recognizing the role Harvard plays in world politics." She also congratulated all the divestment activists for their part in protests which led to Harvard's action last week.

Although the rally advertised that Thembea Villekazi, a member of the African National Congress, would speak to the group, he did not show up.