Six Writers To Appear At Signet

Six foreign writers who are relatively unknown in the United States will read from their works in English tomorrow afternoon at the Signet Society.

According to Richard M. Murphy '88, vice-president of the Signet, these writers are among 23 foreign play-wrights, poets and novelists sponsored by the United States Information Agency to visit the U.S. for three months as part of the lowa Writer's Workshop.

Murphy said that the Sunday reading, which is open to the public, will provide "a unique opportunity for a multi-national cultural exchange."

"It is unprecedented to bring writers to Harvard who are not well-known outside of their own countries," Murphy said.

"This kind of cultural exchange can inspire insights about the purpose of American fiction," said Annie Macoby '87, who helped organize the reading.

The writers scheduled to read at the Signet are Pavel Srut of Czecho-slovakia, Mark Bloch of France, Dan Tsalka of Israel, Hernan Lara of Mexico, Dr. O. Sae Yung of Korea and Lada Galina of Bulgaria.