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By Mark M. Colodny

This month, Geyser University Professor Henry Rosovsky received two postcards from President Bok, who sent them while travelling in India. The postcards--"undoubtedly of some temple or another," Rosovsky said--informed the acting-president that Bok was enjoying himself.

For his part, Rosovsky seems to be enjoying himself as well. Having been at Harvard's helm since January 1 when Bok left for a three-month sabbatical, the veteran economics professor will have the run of Massachusetts Hall until Bok returns in April.

Rosovsky said he has postponed decisions on a range of key issues pending Bok's return. "There are going to be no major changes while he's gone," Rosovsky said in an interview yesterday.

The University will not convene any ad hoc committees on faculty appointments during the sabbatical "except in an emergency" and will not address the divestment issue until Bok returns, Rosovsky said.

Although Rosovsky announced yesterday the resignation of Harvard Corporation member Andrew Heiskell, members of that governing body said the search process for a replacement will not commence until Bokreturns.

Rosovsky said he will attend to some routinematters, but added that the semester won't reallyget going until his boss gets back. Said the manwho turned down the presidency of Yale: "Beingacting president is the best way to be president."

"I have all the pleasures of being presidentand very few of the bad sides of it," Rosovskysaid.

In some ways being acting-president of Harvardhasn't changed life much for Rosovsky. He stillshuttles back and forth between his economicsoffice in Littauer. He still gives a lecture to Ec10 students in Sanders. And he still answers hisown phone.

"I return phone calls from The Crimson," theformer Dean of the Faculty said.

But responsibility has not eluded the man whois at once University professor, Corporationmember, and president. On Sunday, Rosovsky made anappearance before a meeting of the Board ofOverseers to answer questions about recentdevelopments at Harvard.

One overseer, Gay W. Seidman '78 said after themeeting she was "won over" by Rosovsky's wit.

The acting President is not unfamiliar with hisrole, having once filled in for Bok when thePresident took the summer off in 1983 to traveland write

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