Greenhouse Cafe Worker Was Allegedly Accosted

A Greenhouse Cafe worker was allegedly accosted by a man in the Science Center women's room Thursday morning.

Caroline Braga, who was working the morning shift at the Greenhouse when she walked into the women's room at about 8:30 a.m. said she found a man standing in the bathroom who pulled down his pants and started moving towards her, according to Greenhouse cashier, Mark Richmond.

Richmond said that Braga screamed and ran upstairs. He said she returned to the Greenhouse and finished her shift without incident.

Braga was neither injured nor physically handled by the man, Richmond said.

Braga was not available for comment.

Lt. Larry Murphy of the Harvard Police said that officers responded to a call at about 8:30 p.m. that a man was in the women's room. However, Murphy added, the man was gone when the officers arrived.

Murphy said he didn't think it was a case of "exposure in the traditional sense of the word." He said the man may have been washing himself in the bathroom sink rather than specifically undressing when Braga entered.

Murphy said there would be no investigation into the incident. "What are we going to investigate? When we got there no one was there. For all we know this thing could have been a prank phone call," he said.

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