Forced Exclusion


To the Editors of The Crimson:

The October 11th article "New Council Reps. Call for Coed Clubs" included a statement by Undergraduate Council member Kimberly M. Reed, who made an analogy between final clubs and the Black Students Association in regard to the lack of diversity in each group.

In reality there is no connection--the analogy she made is merely an example of the misconceptions and ignorance that keep prejudice alive and well on this campus.

Kimberly was quoted as saying, in defense of final clubs' policy, "We don't call on the Black Students Association to admit whites." There is no need to call on the BSA. Whites are welcome to join the BSA--the only thing stopping them is their own desire for voluntary segregation.

In the final clubs, however, we find a different situation. Not everyone is welcome to join the final clubs. On the contrary, the preference for voluntary segregation is the driving force behind them.


This exclusion, so painfully obvious on Harvard's campus, is clearly not what the BSA stands for, by any means. The BSA is, rather, a support group, whose purpose is to offset the nonacceptance of Harvard Blacks which the final clubs themselves choose to play a part in.

So it can clearly be seen, by anyone who considers the real information, that the BSA bears no resemblance whatsoever to the finals clubs. Kimberly, and anyone who shares her opinion, please educate yourself. Jacinda T. Townsend '92

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