Colts Sink Pats, 24-21

INDIANAPOLIS--The Indianapolis Colts were willing to give up three points, but they were determined not to let Doug Flutie beat them for a touchdown again.

"We remembered what happened the last time," Indianapolis Coach Ron Meyer said after the Colts stopped New England's final drive, preserving a 24-21 victory Sunday. "We were prepared for that, and anything else he might try."

Eight weeks ago, in Foxboro, Mass., the Colts led the Patriots until Flutie scrambled 13 yards for the winning touchdown with 23 seconds to go.

"He's elusive," Meyer said of the New England quarterback. "Coming down to the end, I'll give them credit for going for the touchdown. We just didn't want to let it happen."

Dean Biasucci's 28-yd. field goal with 2:22 to go put Indianapolis ahead. But the Patriots' Jason Staurovsky missed a 27-yarder as time expired after Flutie missed three straight pass attempts for a touchdown in the closing seconds.


"We tried to get more pressure on Doug. They came down the field, but we got tremendous defensive coverage by our people inside the 10," Meyer said.

The final missed field goal was the second botched attempt for Staurovsky.