Christmas Shopping From A to Z

Well, Christmas season is upon us once more,

With mad holiday crowds in every store.

If you've been kind of confused about your own Christmas spree,

We've thought of a gift list--from A to Z.

A is for art--give a poster or print, A calendar done by Matisse (psst...hint, hint), Or give to an artist a new set of brushes And some fresh-colored paints, for those finishing touches.

(Matisse calendar: Harvard Book Shop, $10.95.)

Books are abounding here in the Square, The fun part is choosing--so look everywhere! Short stories, neat menus or how to buy stock, Or the wonderful new One by Richard D. Bach.

(One, Richard Bach: Wordsworth Book Shop, $12.57.)

C is for chocolate, or caramel instead, Just make sure it's covered in green, gold or red.

Candy's the easiest gift you can give, (Eliot H-Entry is where I live.)

D is for dinner, on a cold winter night. Prepare it yourself, and add candlelight.

E is for eggnog with rum and nutmeg, It's much more romantic than milk, or a keg.

Flowers are sweet any day of the year, Pointsettias and holly bring Christmas great cheer.

But by far the best flower of all's mistletoe. It's a reason to kiss anyone; ho, ho, ho.

G is for game, and with this year's new twist,