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A Parting Shot


The Crimson is pleased to announce the election of its 115th Executive Board:

David J. Barron '89 of Mather House and Washington, D.C., President.

NEWS: Martha A. Bridegam '89 of Currier House and Amherst, Massachusetts, Managing Editor, Noam S. Cohen '89 of Lowell House and New York, New York, Managing Editor, Julie L. Belcove '89 of Quincy House and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Executive Editor, Brooke A. Masters '89 of Mather House and New York, New York, Executive Editor, Jeffrey S. Nordhaus '89 of Adams House and New Haven, Connecticut, Executive Editor (Magazine Editor); Mark M. Colodny '89 of Quincy House and Washington, D.C., Senior Editor, Benjamin R. Miller '89 of Lowell House and Ellicott City, Maryland, Senior Editor, Mark T. Brazaitis '89 of North House and Washington, D.C., Sports Editor, Elsa C. Arnett '89 of Dunster House and New York, New York, Deputy Magazine Editor (Politics); Sophia A. van Wingerden '89 of Cabot House and Rapid City, South Dakota, Assistant Magazine Editor, Casey J. Lartigue '89 of Houston, Texas, Associate Sports Editor, Jennifer M. Frey '90 of Mather House and Allegany, New York, Assistant Sports Editor, Julio R. Varela '90 of Lowell House and Bronx, New York, Assistant Sports Editor, Michael J. Lartigue '89 of Houston, Texas, Special Projects Editor.

EDITORIAL: Laurie M. Grossman '89 of Quincy House and St. Louis Park, Minnesota, Editorial Chairman; John C. Yoo '89 of Winthrop House and Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, Deputy Editorial Chairman; Gary L. Susman '89 of Currier House and Denver, Colorado, Arts/Magazine Editor, Bentley Boyd '89 of Leverett House and Brookings, South Dakota, Associate Editorial Chairman.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Hector I. Osorio '89 of Winthrop House and Flushing, New York, Photography Chairman; Terry R. R. Roopnaraine '90 of Cabot House and Rome, Italy, Associate Photography Chairman; Gavin L. Villareal '90 of Winthrop House and San Antonio, Texas, Associate Photography Chairman; David K. Eldan '89 of Eliot House and Culver City, California, Assistant Photography Chairman; Eugene L. Jhong '90 of Leverett House and Manila, Phillippines, Assistant Photography Chairman; Anh T. Nguyen '90 of Lowell House and Cleveland, Ohio, Assistant Photography Chairman.

BUSINESS: Henry Sicignano III '90 of North House and Williamsville, New York, Business Manager, Kenneth M. Richman '90 of Winthrop House and Westport, Connecticut, Sales Manager John T. Schiavone '89 of Cabot House and Flushing, New York, Finance Manager, Amy J. Merritt '90 of Lowell House and Roslyn, New York, Advertising Manager, Angela C. Chaves '89 of Quincy House and Hudson, Massachusetts, Circulation Manager, Michael Pendleton of Mather House and Kaukaura, Wisconsin, Circulation Manager, Andrew A. Samwick '89 of Dunster House and Palm Beach Garden, Florida, Operations Manager, Anil K. Shrivastava '90 of Dunster House and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Production Manager.

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