Moonlighting in the Quad

Early yesterday morning, more than one moon graced the Radcliffe Quad.

Ten male undergraduates gathered on the lawn and serenaded a woman on the second floor of Cabot Hall. Their performance would not have been particularly unusual, but the undergrads were underclad--in fact, they had on nothing at all.

The nude serenade had been purchased last week at Cabot House's annual Dutch Auction. "It was a good deal, for $52," said Brenda Wood, who was the highest bidder. Wood, who was visiting her daughter, Cabot resident Lori Wood '88, decided to buy the serenade for herself.

Just before 1:30 a.m., the 10 performers appeared outside Cabot Hall, clad only in towels, which they discarded as the show began.

Although the group was not as professional as the Din and Tonics, they displayed a lot of raw talent, spectactors said. "We sang the National Anthem, and 'Big Bottoms," from the movie 'Spinal Tap,' because it seemed appropriate at the time," said one of the singers, who requested anonymity.

The ten men also danced along with the music and left nothing unseen. "Use your imagination," said one spectator.

Another singer attributed the group's shining performance to the close proximity of the Quad's new picnic tables. "Those picnic tables were driving us into a frenzy!" he said.

All the excitement was useful--being naked in the Quad after midnight was not a hot idea. "It was a little nippy," said one singer, but "We couldn't do it during the day. We may be crazy, but we aren't stupid."


Although many students lined the windows to clap and cheer, not everyone enjoyed the flash dance. At 1:29 a.m, the Harvard Police received a complaint about "nudists singing the National Anthem," one policeman said. The approaching patrol car sent the singing group running for cover. By the time the police arrived, the policeman said, there was nobody--no bare body, that is--in sight.

The group has refused requests for an encore. As one of the singers noted, "Once in a lifetime is enough."