Corp. Pick Due During Fall

Committee Looks at Women, Minorities for Heiskell Spot

The committee to search for a new Corporation member met over the summer, and President Bok said last week he hopes to reach a decision by the end of the term.

In identifying candidates to replace Andrew Heiskell, former chairman of Time, Inc., the committee studied a list of 300 potential members compiled 18 months ago for the last search. Bok would not specify the number of candidates still being considered for the vacating spot on the seven-man Corporation.

"We have made a particular effort to search for women and minority candidates," Bok said.

Neither a woman nor a minority has ever served on the self-perpetuating Corporation.

The board, which owns and operates the University, is officially called the President and Fellows. Harvard's primary governing body, the Corporation's major policy decisions are reviewed by the Board of Overseers, a 30-member board composed of and elected by alumni.


The search committee consists of Bok and University Treasurer Roderick M. MacDougall, who are members of both the Corporation and the Board of Overseers, Overseer Jane C. Bradley '49, and Corporation members Colman M. Mockler Jr. '52 and Geyser University Professor Henry Rosovsky.

Some University officials have speculated that the new Corporation member will have some medical or scientific expertise, since these increasingly important fields are not represented on the board.

But others have said the new member may well be a lawyer, since there are traditionally two representatives of that field on the board and Bok is the only lawyer currently serving.

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