Penury and June: Preparing for the Post-College Wasteland

Welfare lines loom for liberal arts majors.

In response, I would say, um, maybe it is. But what you are eating is offered for free--and desperate times demand desperate rationalizations.

But for now, I have a recommendation for any seniors who empathize all too well with my worries. Three words: Recruiting Information Meetings.

Find them. They have food, lots of it. At the Boston Consulting Group's meeting, for example, I had three slices of pizza, around 10 chicken fingers, three cokes bagel chips and other assorted hors d'oeurvres.

I also had a stomach ache, but it was an emotionally satisfying pain. Think of it as advance compensation for the emotional trauma of being turned down for a job. And if that rationale doesn't suit you, I refer you to the age old maxim of desperate college students from all eras...

Eat, drink, for tomorrows, we die.


Daniel Mufson '91 has been barred from the Office of Career Services.