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Reporter's Notebook


Returning from the massive pro-choice rally in Washington, D.C. last Sunday, State Rep. Marjorie A. Clapprood (D-Sharon), a likely candidate for lieutenant governor, complained about what she thought was an inappropriate choice of words on the part of an airport shuttle driver. "Did he call me `darling? "Clapprood asked friends. They told her she had misunderstood. The driver's quite appropriate warning had been, "Don't lean on the door!"

We will raise "a political army. If [politicians] don't get the message, we will replace them with pro-choice."

--National Organization for Women President Molly Yard, during last Sunday's march on Washington.

From the Washington Bureau--A reporter at last Sunday's March on Washington for abortion rights, suffering from a bleeding ankle and too little sleep, was milling around the Harvard Radcliffe delegation when an unidentified woman came up to her and said, "Your foot is bleeding--you need some socks. Take these." The reporter did as instructed, but when she turned around to thank the sock-giver, the mysterious benefactor had disappeared.

"We had a choice, we made a choice, People voted in favor of happiness and against war."

--Outgoing Kennedy School Dean Graham T. Allison '62, on the presidential election last November that saw President Bush defeat former K-School lecturer Michael S. Dukakis.

Bureaucracy Watch: There are two teams of Harvard researchers racing to help confirm the results of a University of Utah fusion report that could revolutionize science and, possibly, American society. One of the Harvard scientists, whose experiment will likely be finished on Monday or Tuesday, said that he might have been able to run his experiment yesterday had it not been for a faculty meeting he was required to attend.

Left-wing/Right-wing: While members of the NCAA championship Harvard hockey team waited for a congratulatory photo opportunity with Gov. Michael S. Dukakis Tuesday, legislators and hockey players milled about the governor's cramped office trying to make conversation. State Representaive Robert A. Havern '72 (D-Arlinton), a former Crimson center who played under Coach Bill Cleary, said, "I can't wait to see the governor shake hands with Billy--you know his politics, 20 steps to the right of Attila the Hun." During the 10-minute meeting, there was no discussion of politics, and the session went without incident.

"The prospect of new leadership offers a timely chance to reflect on what we have accomplished and what must still be done to build a first-rate professional school for government service."

--President Derek C. Bok, writing on the Kennedy School in his annual report released this week.

Icebreakers: During a brief ceremony in the House chambers congratulating the Harvard hockey team this week, House Speaker George Keverian '53 (D-Everett)--one of the few Harvard educated lawmakers who did not attend a noontime luncheon for the team--made clear his feelings toward the game Keverian, who is noted as much for his enormous weight as his dry wit, said, "Hockey is a sport I never understood when I was young. We never had rinks. We just had ponds--and for some reason the other kids never let me on them."

"All studies show that when you link sex and violence, you can never pull them apart."

--Anti-pornography activist Gail Dines-Levi during a presentation for Take Back the Night week.

Lottery Footnote: Activist M. Scott Murphy '92, who spearheaded the successful effort to prevent 25 percent of the spaces in eight of 12 upperclass houses from being randomly assigned to freshmen, will be living in his second choice house next year--Lowell House. Lowell was one of four houses which had refused to participate in the new housing plan. So much for the effort, Scott.

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