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Reporter's Notebook


"Our mission is providing security to Harvard."

--Vice President and General Counsel Daniel Steiner '54, explaining his decision to cancel a detail of off-duty police officers guarding Prince Turki bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.

"Gosh, I'm surprised they made all that public,"

--Stanford University Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jean H. Fetter after hearing comments Harvard admissions officers wrote on application folders of Asian-American students. The comments were drawn from an Education Department report obtained by The Crimson under the Freedom of Information Act.

"Without lineage there would be little case. With it we will keep looking."

"Dad's... connections signify lineage of more than usual weight. That counted into the equation makes this a case which... is well worth doing."

"This is a good folder, but without the lineage it seems shy of an absolutely clear hook."

--Excerpts from the Educations Department's report on Harvard admissions policy.

"When people are drunk, they may not remember whether they have said yes or not. The person that's drunk is not always clear, not always articulate, and that's why you get these cases."

--Dean of the College L. Fred Jewett '57, as quoted in the October 26 issue of The Crimson.

"No matter how tipsy a male or female is, if they do not make not explicitly clear that they would have sex, it is date rape. Nobody has the license to violate my body, no matter how drunk I am."

--Tanya S.J. Selvaratnam '92, one of a group of students who papered the campus with "attack Jewett" posters in reaction to the dean's remarks. Jewett has said the quote was taken out of context.

"I'm hoping this is the beginning of a very fruitful effort to deal with a very serious problem we have at the University. I don't think there's been effective education or understanding about rape, which is a crime."

--Jewett, commenting on the outcome of a meeting with seven undergraduate women to discuss sexual harassment at the College.

"I can't believe you have come here. We have to have this house reblessed. You are a fascist.

--An overwrought Seth D. Tapper '91 rebuking Rabbi Meir Kahane for his ultraright wing brand of Israeli politics. Kahane's unscheduled visit to the Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel resulted in a walkout by students and staff on Thursday.

"John Silber has got something that Weld hasn't got--that's me."

An unapologetic Marjorie O. Clapprood, Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, commenting on the strength of her party's ticket.

"They can criticize my style all they want. That's what they do when they can't catch you on substance. That's what happens in politics."

U.S. Rep Joseph P. Kennedy II rebuking his detractors in the Massachusetts political establishment.

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