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Dissenting Opinions

By Maggie S. Tucker

THE staff position endorses L. Scott Harshbarger '64 for the reforms he has undertaken as Middlesex County district attorney. While we laud his efforts to curb domestic violence and to increase counseling for criminals, we are appalled by his prosecution of a pregnant woman for homicide who, while driving drunk, got into an accident that destroyed her fetus.

Harshbarger claims that the case has no bearing on abortion rights and on his pro-choice stance. But as the staff position notes, the case has been cited by others to justify the "rights" of a fetus over those of a pregnant woman.

If Harshbarger did not realize how his arguments would be used by those who support fetal rights, he lacks the foresight necessary to defend the rights of all Massachusetts citizens. If he did understand the ramifications of the case before he undertook the prosecution, he certainly lacks judgement.

The next attorney general should protect women's rights, not try to restrict them. We find unconscionable Harshbarger's blatant disregard for those rights in this case. His actions speak louder than his words on this important issue.

The strength of our reservation over Harshbarger's position compels us to endorse pro-choice Republican William C. Sawyer '51.

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