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To the Editors of The Crimson:

Regarding your lead story of Friday, October 12, "Trademark Royalty Hits Student Groups: HSA to Oversee New University Policy":

The Crimson reported that student groups will have to pay a royalty for use of the Harvard name and that Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) will oversee the policy. This is inaccurate. Neither students nor student groups have to pay a royalty directly.

Only manufacturers (companies that manufacture products, such as silkscreening companies and sportswear manufacturers) pay the royalty. Prices quoted by these manufacturers are, of course, designed to cover their costs, one of which is the royalty.

Furthermore, HSA has nothing to do with the process. Student groups that want to produce a t-shirt will obtain a list of authorized manufacturers from the Office of the Dean of Students.

Since the College prohibits individuals from operating companies out of their dorm rooms, individual students who wish to sell something using the Harvard name or shield for their own profit have two options. They can rent an off-campus location, incorporate their company and obtain a list of authorized manufacturers from the Office for Patents, Copyrights and Licensing, or they can work through Harvard Student Agencies, who will likewise obtain the list from the Office for Patents, Copyrights and Licensing.

In no way, however, does HSA oversee the new licensing policy. Like any other retailer, HSA is required by the policy to purchase products for resale from authorized manufacturers. David A. Kopp   President, Harvard Student Agencies   Sylvia Struss   Trademark Administrator   Office for Patents, Copyrights and Licensing

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