Shuttle Cuts May Be Delayed

Would Restore Weekend Afternoon Service for 3 Months

Shuttle bus service on weekend afternoons will likely be spared the budget axe for a few more months, thanks to a plan forged by the administration and Undergraduate Council, a College official said this week.

The service will resume in January and run through March, assuming that the council approves the plan at its meeting tomorrow night, said Dean of the College L. Fred Jewett '57.

Shared Costs

Under the proposal, the council will pay for one-third of the total costs during the three-month period, with the administration picking up the rest of the tab.

"The council proposed that they would share part of the cost," Jewett said, "and I felt that we could reach that kind of a compromise."

Last year, the council voluntarily paid for the weekend shuttle after the College stopped funding it altogether. This year, Jewett put the service back into the budget, but then slashed it as part of an effort to offset an unexpected deficit.

Under the proposal, the College will pay for the service in January, while the council and College will evenly split the cost of the service in February in March. The cost to the council will be approximately $1000, Council Chair Evan B. Rauch '91-'92 said.

"I think that it's the best compromise we can reach with the administration," said David A. Aronberg '93, vice-chair of the council's finance committee. "If we don't pay the third, then the [weekend service] won't run at all."

No Squeeze

Rauch said the shuttle bus expenses will not squeeze council funds because the operations budget typically has a surplus.

Council sentiments are split on the proposal, said finance committee member Mark A. Gragg '91 said.

Some members are against the student government spending any money for a program they think is the administration's obligation, Gragg said. But others "think the UC should do more to provide student services," he said.