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Harvard University Police Advisory Board Appoints Undergrad Rep After Yearlong Vacancy


After Meeting with Harvard Admin on ‘Swatting’ Attack, Black Student Leaders Say Demands Remain Unanswered

For the Record

The following are excerpts from this year's Crimson staff editorials.


Most would argue that the University ended offical distinctions in its treatment of male and female undergraduates with the final integration of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges in 1976. But although men and women now share classes, libraries and dining halls, there is still one thing they cannot share--a room...

And that barrier must tumble if Harvard is to live up to its policy of treating all students as equal and free-thinking individuals. Just as the Faculty recently expressed concern about denying Harvard students free speech rights guaranteed to the public, we all should bemoan campus living restrictions that would be considered ridiculous in the real world.

Hard to swallow, difficult to digest and often painful to look at, the daily offerings of Harvard Dining Services (HDS) are in need of radical overhaul...Among college dining services, HDS is still a lemon.

No bragging phone calls to friends at state schools. No rallies on the Widener steps. No explosion of tee-shirt sales in the Square. By these measures, it's been an off-year for Harvard in intercollegiate competition.

This year, however, hasn't been as bad for the University as some people suppose. Harvard's math team, chess team, bridge team and on-topic debate team placed first in the country against formidable opposition. Put bluntly, we kicked some intellectual butt...

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