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To the Editors of The Crimson:

The purpose of the neighborhood forum called for by the leaders of four neighborhood associations ["Neighborhoods From Anti-Harvard Group," June 6, 1990] is to promote an informed public discussion on the implications of Harvard's expansion for the future of Cambridge. Our call for a forum was issued in response to widespread concerns about the extent and character of recent increases in Harvard's inventory of Cambridge real estate.

These concerns are felt by many members of the Cambridge community, including some who admire, respect and support Harvard, as well as others who do not. Far more important than their attitudes toward Harvard is the simple fact that these people share a concern for the quality of life in the community beyond the walls of academia.

Since the amount of land available for academic and non-academic activities in Cambridge is limited, one use cannot expand without diminishing the space available for the other. It is not more anti-Harvard to suggest that the current balance between the two is about right, than it is anti-human to suggest that the scale of human activities must be limited to protect the environment on which all life depends. John Pitkin   Chair   Mid-Cambridge Neighborhood Association

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