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By Laurie H. Rosenbloom

To the Editors of The Crimson:

I am writing in an effort to shed light on some other issues pertaining to the rape of male high school students attending Harvard Summer School.

As a summer school student residing in a Harvard dorm, I was quite upset when I stumbled upon a discreet notice that had been tossed near my door at around midnight last Thursday. I happened to pick it up, but as with most flyers on the floor, most other students trampled over the paper and never took any notice. To my knowledge, there has been no further acknowledgement not any mandatory meetings or opportunities to discuss the issue in days to follow.

Quite obviously, not much of an effort has been made to inform everyone of the situation. It perturbs me to no end to see Harvard getting away with this downplaying of a crisis of such proportions. I think a point needs to be made that officials should have gone out of their way to make sure everyone has been made aware.

I also find it quite interesting that Dean Queen was quoted as making a point of alerting as many students as possible in Stephen Newman's article, when there has been absolutely no proof of this. Why officials waited so long to administer warning and why they went about things in this manner is unexcusable in my eyes.

God only knows how many people have been victimized or how many could have been saved from such volatile exploitation if only something had been done sooner.

It is truly a pity to see an institution like Harvard more concerned with protecting its image rather than employing a fullproof strategy to ensure the safety and welfare of the students here. Summer School Student

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