Go Vellucci


The staff says former Cambridge Mayor Alfred E. Vellucci "brings nothing to the council." In fact, he will bring years of experience and knowledge gathered from the 34 years he has already dedicated to the Cambridge City Council.

The staff says Vellucci lacks energy. We saw the 76-year-old Vellucci last Arbor Day, bravely standing up to a chainsaw attack at the Liberty Tree re-dedication ceremony, and we wish we had his energy.

Vellucci has served an important role over the years as a gadfly, urging Harvard University to be a better corporate citizen in Cambridge. Vellucci was far ahead of his time in establishing city watchdog groups to monitor Harvard's and MIT's biotechnology and animal research.

Finally, Vellucci deserves your vote today because he hates that semi-secret Bow St. social club, the Harvard Lampoon (He has said its castle resembles a urinal), and because he loves trees. Vellucci has planted trees all over Cambridge, and was instrumental in replacing the Liberty Elm brutally murdered last year by vegicidal 'Poonsters.

Vote for Alfred E. Vellucci today. Power to the people! Power to the trees!