Reporter's Notebook

Shock Me Amadeus!

The Harvard community got a good laugh this week when The Crimson printed those naughty Mozart lyrics that nobody else--not the New York Times and certainly not The Harvard Gazette--would print. And while many were shocked that one of classical music's greatest composers could pen such lowly lyrics, the observant were well-acquainted with Mozart's penchant for the scatalogical and the mildly pornographic.

Michael Ochs of the Loeb Music Library is claiming he has uncovered new material, but those who have seen Peter Shaffer's acclaimed play "Amadeus" may find those new lyrics slightly familiar. Here then, for the first time ever, are the newly-uncovered "unruly" lyrics, along with the text of Shaffer's famous "naughty Mozart" scene:

The naughty lyrics:

Lick my ass quickly.

Lick me, lick me, lick me.


Lick my ass really well.

Lick it nice and clean.

That's a real pleasure.

Schmear it up with butter.

Beacause licking my ass is my daily pleasure.

Act I, Scene 5, "Amadeus."

Mozart: Hey--hey--what's "Trazom?"

Constanze: What?

M: T-r-a-z-o-m. What's that mean?

C: How should I know?