ROTC Report to be Released Soon

Committee's Recommendation May Finally Settle Ubiquitous Issue

A student-faculty committee will issue a recommendation on the University's relationship with ROTC in the "imminent" future, according to the committee's chair.

The report, which will list several possible courses of action but make one recommendation, was finalized yesterday, according to committee member Roland L. Dunbrack Jr., a graduate student.

With the possible exception of one member, Dunbrack said, the entire committee agreed on the recommendation. In the report, he said, "we talk about the principles we think the University needs to stand by."

The University is threatening to cut ties with the ROTC program if it continues to discriminate against gays and lesbians. Harvard supports an off-campus ROTC program at MIT.

President Neil L. Rudenstine and Dean of the Faculty Jeremy R. Knowles will see the report before it is released, Dunbrack said. He said the report might reach Rudenstine's desk next week.


Pforzheimer University Professor Sidney Verba '53, who chaired the special committee, discussed the report yesterday with the Faculty Council in the governing body's first meeting of the academic year.

In an interview last night, Verba declined to elaborate on the committee's findings except to say the report would be released soon.

Committee members first formed a consensus on the issue in May, and requested an extension last spring to continue gathering information.

"If we had produced a report in May, it would have been incomplete," Dunbrack said.

Dunbrack said the committee reviewed several drafts, written primarily by Verba, Professor of English and Comparative Literature James Engell and University Attorney Anne Taylor. But he said committee members collaborated in the editing process: "it is very much a joint effort."

Other Business

In other Faculty Council business, Harvard Real Estate President Kristen Demong visited council members and outlined plans for the renovation of Holyoke Center.

In addition, seven new members joined the council this year: Professor of Afro-American Studies K. Anthony Appiah, Professor of Chinese History Peter K. Bol, Assistant Professor of the Classics Cynthia Damon, Professor of Chemistry Cynthia M. Friend, McKay Professor of Computer ScienceBarbara J. Grosz, Associate Professor ofAnthropology Rosemary A. Joyce and Professor ofGovernment Gary King.

The Council voted to re-nominate CabotProfessor of American Literature Alan E. Heimert'49 to be parliamentarian of the Faculty.

Ivan Oransky contributed to the reporting ofthis article.

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