Safari Sagoodi

The Breeders

Safari, the latest E.P. from the Breeders, is a tantalizing glimpse of things to come for this quirky young band.

Kim Deal, the Breeders' lead vocalist and guitarist, graces the album with her hardedged doll voice and infectious lyrics. Deal (also the bassist for the Pixies) sings with her twin sister Kelly and Josephine Wiggs, the Breeder's basist. The disc is a slim but promising follow-up to last year's remarkable Pod L.P.

The first song on the four-track disc, "Do You Love Me Now," propels itself with a simple throbbing bass line, weird guitars and sweet vocals. It resembles Pod's catchy "Hellbound" and "Fortunately Gone," but adds more rough stuff to the sing-song melodies and snappy beats.

The rest of the E.P. enjoys similar success. "Don't Call Home" offers both surf-rock guitar lines and screeching distortion, while "Safari" rolls along with loud guitars to complement the Deals' sweet voices. We'll see if the Breeders continue that syrupy-spicy mix when their new full-length album comes out early next year.


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