Woman Hospitalized After Drug Overdose

Emergency workers treated a woman for a drug overdose and rushed her to Boston City Hospital after responding to a call for assistance at Sever Hall last night around 7 p.m.

Harvard police arrested a man on the scene, described by police officials as the woman's companion, for felony possession of a Class A controlled substance, believed by officers to be heroin.

As of last night, police had not charged the woman with a crime, according to Sgt. William K. Donaldson, night watch commander for the Harvard police, but may still file a complaint. "We're waiting to see what her doctors say," he said.

Police officers would not confirm the identity of the two individuals. The man is Caucasian, in his 20s, and has a beard and mustache. As of last night, police were unable to say whether the two are affiliated with Harvard.

Donaldson said police responded to a call from a witness in Sever Hall who heard someone "being slapped in the bathroom" on the fourth floor. He added that police suspect the noises werethe woman's companion attempting to revive her.

Harvard police officer Richard Vitale andsecurity guard Brian Lakin arrived on the scenefirst and found the two in the bathroom.


Donaldson said the woman was unconscious andhad a weak pulse. Emergency workers arrived soonafterwards.

"The woman was revived by the quick efforts ofCambridge Fire Rescue and Pro Ambulance," saidDonaldson.

He added, "We're fortunate it wasn't moreserious," The woman's condition stabilized andDonaldson said she may have been released from thehospital late last night.

Police searched the man on the scene and foundhim in possession of a hypodermic needle and whatappeared to be heroin, according to Donaldson.

He was taken into police custody and brought tothe Harvard Police Department