Unfortunate Spin


The news article in the October 9 Crimson puts an unfortunate spin on the current status of the proposed concentration on environmental studies by highlighting what is termed "administrative foot-dragging".

It would have been more accurate to emphasize the support our committee has received from the highest levels of the University administration at all stages of its deliberations.

The environment was singled out for special attention by President Neil L. Rudenstine as one of his first acts after assuming office.

The committee to develop the new concentration was formed by Jeremy R. Knowles immediately on his appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. We have since enjoyed his unfailing enthusiastic support.

The article acknowledges contributions and help we have received from Provost Jerry R. Green and, most recently, Dean Lawrence A. Buell, but unfortunately relegates this information to page 5.


The content and design of the proposed concentration will be reviewed by the Committee on Educational Policy at its meeting on October 20.

The design of a new concentration, especially one as complex as this, is difficult. Our committee has consulted widely with both students and faculty colleagues.

The proposal, as forwarded, represents our best judgment as to how we should proceed. We are anxious to move forward and optimistic that this will soon be possible. Michael B. McElroy   Chair, University Committee on Environment

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