HLS Grads Garner Most Posts

Supreme Court Chooses Highest Number From Harvard

Harvard Law School graduates occupied the highest percentage of Supreme Court clerkship positions again this year, according to figures released yesterday by the Law School news office.

Thirteen of the 37 clerkships went to Harvard Law School graduates, and seven to Yale Law School graduates. Harvard grads have historically held more Supreme Court clerkships than graduates of any other law school, according to Margaret Tuitt, Harvard Law School judicial clerkship administrator.

Last year, 12 Law School graduates served as Supreme Court clerks.

"The competition is very high," Tuitt said. "We are a good school and our graduates are among the best and brightest minds in the country.

Our graduates are also ambitious and find working at the Court to be a rewarding and stimulating environment."


Robert Brauneis '82, a 1989 graduate of the Law School, said that clerking for a Supreme Court justice offers beneficial career and personal experience. "As Court clerk we have the opportunity to work at the top of the federal legal systems," Brauneis said.

Brauneis clerked with Boston's First Circuit Appeals Court before attaining his current position as a clerk for Justice David H. Souter '61.

According to Tuitt, students generally clerk for a lower court before moving on to the Supreme Court.

In addition to those clerking for Supreme Court justices, 138 Law School graduates serve as clerks with various federal, state and foreign courts, according to the Law School news office.

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