Editor's Note:

We made an egregious error in not covering the women's cross country team's second-place finish at the Heptagonals on October 30.

That said, it's important to clear up the misunderstandings and inaccuracies in Fritschel's letter (see "Marginalizing Certain Sports," at right).

Her claim that only "10 sports" appear on The Crimson's pages is wrong. Of the 40 varsity sports at Harvard, 26 receive regular coverage. That means game stories, features and occasional notebooks. Of the remaining 14, at least nine get covered in weekly briefs. To round out our coverage, we also regularly report on non-varsity sports through features and profiles.

Certainly not everything gets covered, but this is an issue of personnel, not editorial judgment. With a fully volunteer staff, The Crimson necessarily is limited in its ability to cover all events.

So how do you fix this problem? How about comping? The more writers we have, the more reporting we do. Our doors are always open. Sports Editor