Benhabib Accepts Govt. Tenure Offer

Political and social theorist Seyla Benhabib has accepted a government department tenure offer, chair Susan J. Pharr said last night.

When she arrives next fall, Benhabib, an expert on feminist thought, will be the second woman senior professor in the government department.

Benhabib served as associate professor in Harvard's government department from 1987 to 1989. She left Harvard to take her current post as a senior professor at State University of New York at Stonybrook.

While at Harvard, Pharr said, Benhabib was "widely regarded as a superb teacher of graduates as well as undergraduates."

"We're absolutely delighted that she has decided to return," Pharr said. "She will enrich the offerings of the University in women's studies and other areas."


Pharr said Benhabib, who specializes in continental politics and social thought of the 19th and 20th centuries, has not yet decided which courses she will teach. Benhabib's areas of study will interest students in the government, women's studies, philosophy and social studies concentrations, Pharr said.

The theorist's research includes work on Hegel, Marx, Weber and Arendt.

"She brings great new strength to the department," Pharr said. "She has exceedingly broad interests."

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Benhabib came to the United States for college. She received her undergraduate degree from Brandeis, and later her Ph.D. from Yale.

Harvard offered Benhabib tenure during the lastacademic year, Pharr said, and Benhabib officiallynotified the University of her decision lastFriday

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