Winter Storm Hits Harvard, Area Colleges

Tufts Suffers Power Loss

Saturday became a winter nightmare-land for Harvard and other nearby schools when a day-long snowstorm dropped up to 10 inches of snow on the Boston area.

While Harvard students trudged through the slush, Tufts University students found themselves left out in the cold during their reading period when the storm shut down power to the Medford campus between 1 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Temperatures in some rooms dropped to around 40 degrees as the storm set in, said Tufts sophomore Miriam L. Ibson. As of yesterday night, some Tufts dorms still did not have heat.

Students hoping to escape to the library to study were frustrated when the library shut down due to an inopera- ble security system.

However, no announcement had been made aboutpossible exam postponements as of last night,according to Tufts first-year Stephen E. Comey.

At Harvard, meanwhile, damage was negligible,according to representatives of local fire andpolice departments. University Health Servicesreported that one student was injured by slippingon snow.


Snow removal crews were ready for early Mondaymorning work to break up ice with salt and sand,said Director of Facilities Maintenance Thomas E.Vantin. Yesterday morning the sidewalks outside ofsome of the upperclass houses were slick withslush and snow.

Vantin said that the City of Cambridge, notHarvard Facilities Maintenance, is responsible forwalkways other than those directly in front ofHouse doors.

In general, paths in the inner courtyards werecleared of snow as of yesterday afternoon. Butconnecting streets, like parts of DeWolfe Streetbehind Quincy or the walkway in front of Lowell,remained unploughed.

Most Harvard students said yesterday theybelieved the travelling conditions were adequateparticularly in comparison to those at otherschools like Tufts.

But Jenn L. Morazes '96 said that though thesituation could be worse, she thought walkingconditions were "still kind of dangerous.