Junior Unravels Clues, Wins Lampy Treasure

Most people go to Widener Library for books or sex but Benjamin W. Rotenstreich '93 found something else there.

After a week-long effort to solve Harvard Lampoon's treasure hunt mystery, Rotenstreich found the final answer on Sunday, deep in the bowels of the central College library.

The contest, created by Lampoon editors Merrill Kaplan '94, Lewis N. Morton '93, and Ruben N.negative vote against Bush--"the best thing the Democrats have going for them..." and all that. It just didn't seem possible to me that he could inspire a real groundswell of populist support.

But, as my mom knows, things are never that simple. In states throughout the South, Buchanan is relishing in an outrageous, showman-like campaign. He bases his strategy on a brand of "protest" aimed at white Southern Democrats who, like their counterparts here in the Northeast, are facing unemployment and uncertainty