Joking From Emerson College To MTV


Though Clark appreciates the significant roleof standup comedy in establishing his career, headmits that acting is his true passion.

"I love acting--that's what I studied, it'swhat I want to do. That's eventually where I wantmy career to go--more stage and more film."

But don't expect Anthony Clark to merely movehis comedy routine from club stage to screen.

"I do comedy all the time so I like to try andstretch my abilities and do serious stuff.

"I'm sure there will be comedy roles in myfuture, in acting in one way or another, becausecomedy does seem to be a natural source in mylife. I have no objections to doing comedy, butI'd rather, right now, do more serious roles."


Barclay, who's seen many young comic talentscome and go, predicts a bright future for AnthonyClark in whatever medium he decides to pursue.

"Anthony has a better chance because he makeshimself available to so many differentopportunities," Barclay explains.

"Without a doubt, he's going to be the next bigstar to come out of Boston."Comedian Anthony Clark (middle) was buddieswith River Phoenix (left) in the movieDogfight.