Police Nab Matthews Trespasser

Harvard police arrested a Boston man who was found with a hypodermic needle and class A drugs in Matthews South on Wednesday, police said.

Officers Cobert P. Kotowski and Alex Kord discovered Roland Goodwin, 3, of 444 Harrison St. in the second for men's bathroom at 6 p.m.

Goodwin had asked a dorm resident for directions to the bathroom.

"I was i my room alone and this guy walke in looking all drugged out," said Edward T. Chen '95, who later called the police. "I wasn't all that frekd out, but it was weird."

While conducting a body search, the officers found a hypodermic needle with traces of a controlled substance. The drug, which could be either he pin or cocaine, was sent to the state police laboratory to be further analyzed.


MBTA police had issued a warrant for Goodwin's arrest earlier in the year for disorderly conduct.

Goodwin was arraigned this morning in a Cambridge District Court. He is currently being held by Cambridge police.