USAir Will Run Trump Shuttle

The Eighties are finally over. President Ronald W. Reagan has retired, insider trader Michael Milken is behind bars, and this weekend, the Trump Shuttle will make its final departure.

USAir is scheduled to take over the Trump Shuttle route tomorrow and to rename the service the USAir Shuttle, according to USAir officials.

Flamboyant real estate developer Donald Trump sold the shuttle as a result of financial difficulties. USAir contracted with the shuttle 's current owners, Shuttle, Inc., to manage the route.

`Simple' Procedures

In a prepared statement, USAir Shuttle President Gordon Linkon said the renamed shuttle will keep its "simple" check-in procedures and retain many of its employees.


USAir Shuttle will continue to provide hourly flights between New York a Boston and between New York, and Washington, D.C.

"Our goal is to keep everything about the TrumpShuttle that has made it a quality product forpassengers." Linkon said in the statement.

USAir will pay $16.2 million dollars for theright to manage the shuttle. Part of that fee willgo towards repainting planes with the USAir logoand advertising the change in ownership, thestatement said.

Tickets Still Valid

USAir spokesperson Susan J. Young saidyesterday that all Trump Shuttle tickets willstill be valid after the airline's managementchanges.

"We will certainly honor anything that'soutstanding," Young said. "However, we will not beissuing any more coupon packs because we're tryingto simplify the rate structure."

Many Harvard students from the New York andWashington, D.C. areas use the Trump Shuttle orits competitor, the Delta Shuttle, when travelinghome. The Trump shuttle offered a five-ticketstudents discount pack for $250.

Uniform Fares

In place of the multiple-ticket discount packs,USAir Shuttle will have a uniform $60 student fareand $120 adult fare, which are the current fullprice fares for the Trump Shuttle, Young said.

Holly K. Tabor '94, who lives near Washington,D.C., said the more expensive USAir tickets willmake traveling more difficult for her.

"I will be less likely to fly the Trump Shuttleon spur-of-the moment occasions," Tabor said

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