And You Can Quote Me

"As the primary authors, we realize that it was very wrong to write the parody, and understand now why the whole idea of parodying Mary Joe Frug was highly inappropriate. We never intended to hurt anyone or condone violence against women. We also lacked the foresight to realize that the date of the banquet coincided with the anniversary of Mary Joe Frug's murder. We hope very much that this apology will help the healing process to begin."

--Craig B. Coben, 3L, and Ken Fenyo, 3L, the authors of a parody in a spoof issue of the Harvard Law Review that has prompted a firestorm of controversy at the Law School

"The piece offends all standards of decency and I deeply regret that members of the community have been subjected to it. The article is not only disrespectful to the memory of Mary Joe Frug but is also hurtful to her family and friends."

--Dean of the Law School Robert C. Clark

"It is, indeed, a sad commentary that an organization such as the Harvard Law Review, an scholarship, was capable of producing such an appalling piece of work and that institutional mechanisms were not in place to quash it."


--Emily R. Schulman '85, the new president of the Harvard Law Review

"What is the point of teaching? I'm sharpening their knives to stab innocent victims."

--Laurence R. Tribe, Tyler professor of constitutional law, in a speech condemning the Frug parody

"It really seems like there are many people who feel that the Holocaust should be closed to free inquiry...We're hoping to accomplish debate."

--Bradley R. Smith, director of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

"The issue of violence against women and the forms it takes is not partisan...It's an issue that concerns everyone regardless of politics of background."

--Brenda C. Coughlin '93, co-president of the Radcliffe Union of Students, about Take Back the Night 1992

"These white men want to control us. They don't want women, gay and lesbian and people of color in power."

--Karen Finley, feminist performance artists and writer, during the keynote speech of the event

"Teaching emerged as the most attractive alternative...You have to guide 26 children, many of whom come to class already turned off by learning, and you're job is to capture their interest."