Scotland National Team Delivers `Goodwill' Loss to Laxwomen, 6-5

The Harvard women's lacrosse team hosted the Scotland National Team in a goodwill exhibition match at Ohiri Field yesterday.

But the Scots showed less than sparkling diplomacy when they dispatched the host Crimson by a 6-5 score.

Fortunately for Harvard, the game was an exhibition match and will not affect the Crimson's national ranking.

Scotland is currently at the tail end of a two week American tour. So far, the squad has taken on teams in Pennsylvania and Maryland as well as in Boston. Today, it is playing the Boston Lacrosse Club.

"We've been doing pretty well," Scotland National Coach Phil Moore said. "We've played 11 games and have won about five,"


Being the national team, Scotland's squad is not made up of college-aged players. In fact, the team carries only one college student on the squad.

A site engineer, an investment assistant and a marketing consultant garnered the first three Scotland goals.

The Crimson took advantage of yesterday's real game situation and used it as an opportunity to experiment with new game tactics.

"We were trying new things of defense-we took some risks, some worked and some didn't," Co-captain Sarah Leary said, "but hopefully this will make us better prepared for Brown."

Harvard started the game off on a steady pace, netting the first three scores. Sophomore Sarah Downing, senior Buffy Hanson and sophomore Jo-Anne Alissi each tallied one for the Crimson.

A goal from Scotland's 27 year-old Val Houston and one from freshman Megan Colligan set the halftime score at 4-1.

But a three goal lead at the half was not enough to preserve a Crimson win. Scotland battled back in the second half scoring five unanswered goals to snatch a two goal lead.

"We had very good ball pressure in the first half, but there wasn't enough in the second half," Harvard Coach Carole Kleinfelder said. "Our attack stalled--we didn't have the poise when we got the ball."

A late second half goal of from Co-captain Ceci Clark provided the final score.

SCOTLAND, 6-5 at Ohiri Field Scotland  1  5  --  6 Harvard  4  5  --  5

G: Scotland-Cohu, Gibb, Scott, O'Conner, Houston(2); Harvard--Downing, Hansen, Alissi, Colligan, Clark. A: Scotland--no record; Harvard--Berkery, Colligan, Hansen, S: Scotland--Dare, 18; Harvard--Leary, 15.