First-year Dean to Be Named

New Yard Leader Selected By Faculty ,Student Committees

A new dean of first year student will be announced today, Dean of the College L. Fred Jewett '57 said yesterday.

The dean search--for the first time conducted by both a student and a faculty committee--reached a verdict about a week ago, several weeks later than expected, according to student search committee member M. Tino Cuellar '94.

Administrators and students who worked on the search refused to reveal the identify of the new first-year dean last night.

"There's no one who knows expect the faculty committee, the Dean of the Faculty, the President and the student committee," said Cuellar.

But he added, "The person has been on campus today."

Cuellar said the success of the joint efforts of the 12-member student and 12-member faculty committees may set a precedent for future student involvement in the administration of the College.

Cuellar said Jewett has agreed to set up a student committee to advise the administration on the University's upcoming capital campaign.

Mukesh Prasad '93, who coordinated the student search committee, said yesterday that the search process had been delayed, because both committees and the administration needed to confer.

At the end of February, when the committees had narrowed the candidate pool from 150 candidates to 10, Jewett predicted a mid-march decision.

The veil of secrecy surrounding the first-year dean search apparently extended to the Freshman Dean's Office itself, which will probably be affected most significantly by the new appointment.

Veteran administrator and Associate Dean of Freshman W.C. Burriss Young '55 said yesterday he did not know who had been tapped for the position.

The committees began deliberating last spring after Henry C. Moses announced his department to become head of the Trinity School in New York. Moseshad held the position for 14 years.

Jewett has said he seeks a new dean with a Ph.Dand educational training in addition to someadministrative experience. The new dean does notnecessarily have to have been an internalcandidate, he said.

Insiders say Acting Dean of Freshmen VirginiaL. Mackay-Smith '71, who was initially said to bea leading candidate, was rumored to have been cutfrom consideration late in the search process

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